Jian Kang



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康健  (Jian Kang),副教授


电子邮件: kangjian@shanghaitech.edu.cn 


2022 -            Associate Professor, ShanghaiTech University

2019 - 2022   Professor, Soochow University

2017 - 2019   Postdoc, Florida State University & National Magnetic Field Laboratory

2013 - 2017   Research Associate, University of Minnesota

2007 - 2013   Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University




My research field lies in theories of correlated electron systems and their collective behavior, including high-temperature superconductivity, nematicity, magnetism, etc. Recently, I focus on the exotic phenomena discovered in the twisted bilayer graphene and other related moire systems, especially the interplay between topology and electronic correlations in this family.





(*corresponding author)

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