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曹克诚,助理教授、研究员丨Kecheng Cao, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor

通讯地址 Office物质学院4号楼101/SPST 4-101


2008.09-2012.06   四川大学化学学院 本科 Sichuan   university, BE

2012.09-2015.06   四川大学化学学院 硕士Sichuan   university, MSc

2015.10-2019.04   德国乌尔姆大学 博士Ulm   university, PhD

2019.04-2020.11德国乌尔姆大学 博士后 Ulm   university, Postdoc

2020.11-至今 上海科技大学 助理教授,研究员 | Assistant   Professor/PI, ShanghaiTech University





#共同第一作者 co-first author*共同通讯 co-corresponding author

Before   independent:

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---Higlighted as News & Views: J. J. De Yoreo & B. A. Legg, “What atoms do when they get together”,Nature Chemistry, 12, 883–885, 2020

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---Higlighted by ScienceNews: Emily Conover, ‘A dance of two atoms reveals chemical bonds forming and breaking’.


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