Shan Jiang


Shan Jiang Group (姜珊课题组)

Group Leader

姜珊   助理教授   研究员



Career and Education:

2019-now: ShanghaiTech University, China

2013-2019: Postdoc in University of Liverpool and Durham University, UK

2008-2013 PhD in University of Liverpool, UK

2007-2008 MSc in University of Liverpool, UK

2003-2007 BSc in Heilongjiang University, China


Research Interest


We are interested in designing new porous molecular materials. The research outputs will cover: discovery of new functional materials and computational design to target material synthesis. This would have wider impact and applicability in the field of materials chemistry and supramolecular chemistry. Our research group will address the challenges of CO2 capture and conversion, molecular separation and gas storage, but also open the door to the targeted design of new functional porous molecular materials for energy applications, for example, smart materials for sensing, photovoltaics, ferroelectrics and artificial photocatalysis.

Research themes include:

1.     Computational design of new porous organic cages

2.     Photo-responsive smart functional molecular materials

3.     Organic Ferroelectrics

4.     Design cage catalysts for CO2 capture and conversion


Researcher, Postdoc, and Graduate student positions are available in my group. 

Please send your CV to me at 



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Before ShanghaiTech

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Group Members


        张翔宇 2020级博士生

        黄妍琳 2019级研究生

        叶杨陟 2020级研究生

        柳一览 2020级研究生

        许泽照 2020级研究生


        赵宇 (吉林大学博士研究生)

        郭绍萌 (华东理工博士研究生)