Bo Qiao



Group Leader

Bo Qiao, Assistant Professor

Address: School of Physical Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University




2007 - 2011, B.S. Chemistry

Peking University, Beijing, China

Advisors: Dahui Zhao, Yuguo Ma, and Xinsheng Zhao


2012 - 2017, Ph.D. Chemistry

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Advisor: Amar H. Flood


2017 - 2020, Post-doctoral Research Associate

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Advisors: Jeremiah A. Johnson, Yang Shao-Horn


2020 - Present, Assistant Professor

School of Physical Science & Technology, 

ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai, China

Research Interests

We use supramolecular chemistry to solve impactful problems in energy, sustainability, and health. We develop novel molecular functions on the basis of non-covalent interactions and selective molecular recognitions and incorporate these molecular functions in polymers and gels to achieve advanced properties of new materials.

Currently, we are actively working on these projects:

(1) Optimizing the non-covalent interactions within lithium electrolytes to achieve high-performance electrolyte materials. 

(2) Light-controlled reversible cross-linking of polymer networks

(3) Data-driven design of novel materials based on statistical analysis of non-covalent interactions 

(4) Precise synthesis of gene-delivery polymers 


Independent Research 

20. Shen, Z.-N.; Xu, Y.-X.; Wang, C.-Y.; Qiao, B.*  Fine-tuning the thermal relaxtion dynamics of indigo-based photoswitches using selective non-covalent interactions without chemical modification, ChemPhotoChem, 2022, 6, e202200004 (Link).   

Cover Feature:

Before Joining ShanghaiTech 

19. Fadler, R. E.; Al Quahabi, A.; Qiao, B.; Carta, V.; König, N. F.; Gao, X.; Zhao, W.; Zhang, Y.; Lutz, J.-F. Flood, A. H. Chain entropy beats hydrogen bonds to unfold and thread dialcohol phosphates inside cyanostar macrocycles to form [3]pseudorotaxanes, J. Org. Chem. 2021, 86, 4532-4546. 

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Group Members

Lu Tang

PhD Student (2020)

BSc: Jinan University


Zhen-Nan Shen

PhD Student (2020)

BSc: Nanjing Agricultural University


Rong Ma

Master Student (2021)

BSc: Tianjin Polytechnic University


Xin-Lin Cao

Master Student (2021)

BSc: ShanghaiTech University


Jun Fu

Master Student (2022)

BSc: East China University of Science and Technology


Hong-Wen Chen

Master Student (2022)

BSc: East China University of Science and Technology


Dao-Cheng Sun

Master Student (2023)

BSc: University of Shanghai for Science and Technology


Rui Hu

Master Student (2023)

BSc: NingboTech University


Shun-Tao Yuan

Master Student (2023)

BSc: Zhejiang Sci-Tech University


Ke-Cheng Wang

Undergraduate Student (2021)


He Li

Undergraduate Student (2022)


Qiu-Han Huang

Undergraduate Student (2022)


Dian-Shen Zhao

Undergraduate Student (2022)


Group Alumni

Chen-Yu Wang (Undergraduate Student, 2021)

Zhi-Kun Xie (Master, 2023, Current Positon: FinDreams Battery 弗迪电池)