Yifan Liu


Yifan Liu    Assistant Professor, PI
InstituteSchool of Physical Science and Technology
Research AreaBioengineering, Micro/Nano-fluidics
Contact Info.liuyf6@@shanghaitech.edu.cn

2007-2011 Bachelor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2011-2016 PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2016-2017 Postdoc, University of California, San Francisco
2018-now Assistant Professor, ShanghaiTech University

Research Interests
1) High-throughput biology, including single-cell analysis, high-throughput (bio)chemical assay and (bio)material synthesis
2) bio-micro/nano-fluidic systems, including nano-electro-fluidic chips, devices for single molecule analysis, micro&nano-fabrication 

Selected Publications


  1.  Conghui Ma, Jie Li, Boyin Zhang, Jingwei Zhang* and Yifan Liu*, “Hydrogel microparticles functionalized with engineered Escherichia coli as living lactam biosensors”, Submitted

Prior to ShanghaiTech

  1.   Yifan Liu, Xuyue Chen, Yiqiu Zhang and Jian Liu, “Advancing single-cell proteomics and metabolomics with microfluidic techniques”, Analyst, 2018, invited review 

  1.   Yifan Liu, Yushen Sheng, Lian Duan and Levent Yobas, “Two-dimensional hydrodynamic flow focusing in a microfluidic platform featuring a monolithic integrated glass micronozzle,” Applied Physics Letters, 109, 144101, 2016 

  1.   Yifan Liu and Levent Yobas, “Slowing DNA translocation in a nanofluidic field-effect transistor,” ACS Nano, 10 (4), 3985-3994, 2016 

  1.   Yifan Liu and Levent Yobas, “Microfluidic emulsification through a monolithic integrated glass micronozzle suspended inside a flow-focusing geometry,” Applied Physics Letters, 106, 174101, 2015 

  1.   Yifan Liu and Levent Yobas, “Label-free specific detection of femtomolar cardiac troponin using an integrated nanoslit array fluidic diode,” Nano Letters, 14 (12), 6983–6990, 2014 

  1.   Yifan Liu and Levent Yobas, “Label-free electrical quantification of amplified nucleic acids through nanofluidic diodes,” Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 50, 78-83, 2013 

  1.   Yifan Liu and Levent Yobas, “Cylindrical glass nanocapillaries patterned via coarse lithography (> 1 μm) for biomicrofluidic applications,” Biomicrofluidics, 6 (4), 046502, 2013 (featured as Editor’s Pick) 

  1.  Zhen Cao#, Luo Yuan#, Yifan Liu#, Shuhuai Yao and Levent Yobas, “Microchannel plate electro-osmotic pump,” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 13(2), 279–288, 2012