Ruxin Li


Ruxin Li    Professor
InstituteShanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS
Research Areaultrashort laser and its application

Selected Publications
1. Waveform-controlled terahertz radiation from the air filament produced by few-cycle laser pulses, Physical Review Letters 108, 255004(2012).
2. All-optical cascaded laser wake-field accelerator using ionization-induced injection, Physical Review Letters 107, 035001 (2011).
3. Dynamic chirp control and pulse compression for attosecond high-Order harmonic emission, Physical Review Letters 103, 043904 (2009).
4. Generation of 5fs, 0.7 mJ pulses at 1 kHz through cascade filamentation, Optics Letters 32(16): 2402-2404(2007).
5. Parasitic lasing suppression in high gain femtosecond petawatt Ti: sapphire amplifier, Optics Express 15, 15335-15341 (2007).