Jin Xie


Jin Xie    Associate Professor, PI
InstituteSchool of Physical Science and Technology
Research AreaThin film, Device characterization, Energy materials, Smart manufacturing
Contact Info.xiejin@@shanghaitech.edu.cn

2005-2009 Fudan University BS
2009-2015 Boston College PhD
2015-2018 Stanford University Postdoc
Sep. 2018-present ShanghaiTech University Assistant Professor, PI

Research Interests

Thin film, Device characterization, Energy materials, Smart manufacturing

Selected Publications

Xie, J.#; Wang, J.#; Lee, H.-W.; Kai, Y.; Li, Y.; Shi, F.; Huang, W.; Pei, A.; Chen, G.; Subbaraman, R.; Christensen, J.; Cui, Y. Engineering stable interfaces for three dimensional lithium metal anodes. Sci. Adv. 20184, eaat5168.

Zhang, X.#; Xie, J.#; Shi, F.; Lin, D.; Liu, Y.; Liu, W.; Pei, A.; Gong, Y.; Wang, H.; Liu, K.; Xiang, Y.; Cui, Y. Vertically-aligned and continuous nanoscale ceramic-polymer interfaces in composite solid polymer electrolytes for enhanced ionic conductivity. Nano Lett.201818, 3829-3838.

Wang, J.#; Wang, H.#; Xie, J.#; Yang, A.; Pei, A.; Wu, C.-L.;  Shi, F.; Liu, Y.; Lin, D.; Gong, Y.; Cui, Y. Fundamental study on the wetting property of liquid lithium. Energy Storage Mater. 201814, 345-350.

Xie, J.#; Liao, L.#; Gong, Y.; Li, Y.; Shi, F.; Pei, A.; Sun, J.; Zhang, R.; Kong, B.; Subbaraman, R..; Christensen, J.; Cui, Y. Stitching h-BN by atomic layer deposition of LiF as a stable interface for lithium metal anode. Sci. Adv. 20173, eaao3170.

Xie, J.; Sendek, A.; Cubuk, E.; Zhang, X.; Lu, Z.; Gong, Y.; Wu, T.; Shi, F.; Liu, W.; Reed, E.; Cui Y. Atomic layer deposition of stable LiAlF4 lithium ion conductive interfacial layer for stable cathode cycling. ACS Nano 201711, 7019-7027.

Xie, J.; Zhao, J.; Liu, Y.; Wang, H.; Liu, C.; Wu, T.; Hsu, P.-C.; Lin, D.; Jin, Y.; Cui, Y. Engineering the surface of LiCoO2 electrodes using atomic layer deposition for stable high-voltage lithium ion batteries. Nano Res.201710, 3754–3764.

Xie, J.#; Yao, X.#; Cheng, Q.#; Madden, I. P.; Dornath, P.; Chang, C.-C.; Fan, W.; Wang, D. Three dimensionally ordered mesoporous carbon as a stable, high-performance Li-O2 battery cathode. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201554, 4299-4303.

Xie, J.; Dong, Q.; Madden, I.; Yao, X.; Cheng, Q.; Dornath, P.; Fan, W.; Wang, D. Achieving low overpotential Li-O2 battery operations by Li2O2 decomposition through one-electron processes. Nano Lett. 201515, 8371-8376.

Xie, J.#; Yao, X.#; Madden, I. P.; Jiang, D. E.; Chou, L. Y.; Tsung, C. K.; Wang, D. Selective deposition of Ru nanoparticles on TiSi2 nanonet and its utilization for Li2O2 formation and decomposition. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014136, 8903-8906.

Xie, J.#; Yang, X.#; Han, B.; Shao-Horn, Y.; Wang, D. Site-selective deposition of twinned platinum nanoparticles on TiSi2 nanonets by atomic layer deposition and their oxygen reduction activities. ACS Nano 20137, 6337-6345.

Xie, J.#; Yang, X.#; Zhou, S.; Wang, D. Comparing one- and two-dimensional heteronanostructures as silicon-based lithium ion battery anode materials. ACS Nano 20115, 9225-9231.