Center for High-resolution Electron Microscopy (CћEM)


上海科技大学物质科学与技术学院电镜中心始建于2015,旨在建立一个国际一流水平的电镜中心,建成之后将成为集教学、科研、服务等功能为一体的国际一流公共科学研究和技术开发平台。中心已经购买了一批先进的设备,包括一台双球差矫正透射电子显微镜和一台高分辨扫描电子显微镜,可以在原子尺度观察材料的微观结构,同时利用专门的样品杆可以实现样品在气体、液体等环境下的动态观测。在中心建设之初,上海科技大学邀请海外知名电镜专家Osamu Terasaki教授来我校任电镜中心主任一职,对电镜中心的建设作了全面的规划,之后又邀请美国伊利诺伊大学香槟分校的左建民教授作为中心的科研主任,为电镜中心的发展给出指导,进一步提升了中心的科研实力和影响力。该平台的建设将提升上海科技大学在尖端物质科学领域的研究水平,推动学院在材料、化学和物理等领域的发展,为一流科研成果的出现提供重要的支持和保障。

The Electron Microscopy Center in the School of of Science and Technology was established in 2015 to establish a world-class Electron Microscopy Center. Upon completion, it will become a great platform for scientific research and technology development, as well as serving for teaching, research and public services. The Center has ordered a number of state-of-the-art equipments, including a double Cs-corrected transmission electron microscope and a high-resolution scanning electron microscope, to visualize the microstructure of the material at the atomic scale. Meanwhile, by taking advantage of the specialized in-situ sample holders, dynamic behaviors will be also observed under certain environmental conditions, such as gas, liquid, mechanical and low temperature. At the beginning of the EM center, Shanghaitech University invited Prof. Osamu Terasaki, a famous EM expert, to be the director and make a comprehensive plan for the development of EM Center. Later on, Prof. Jianmin Zuo from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign was invited to be the scientific research director, for further enhancement of scientific research strength and influence. The built of this platform will improve the research level of ShanghaiTech University in the field of cutting-edge material science, promote the development of the university in such fields as materials, chemistry and physics, and provide strong support for the emergence of first-class scientific research achievements.