Zhi Liu


Zhi Liu    Vice Dean, Professor
InstituteSchool of Physical Science and Technology
Research AreaMaterials Science, Solid State Physics, Condensed Matter Physics
Contact Info.liuzhi@@shanghaitech.edu.cn

May 2015–present
ShanghaiTech University · Condensed Matter Physics and Photon Science Division, SPST
China · Shanghai

Feb 2014–present
Chinese Academy of Sciences · Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology
China · Shanghai

Oct 2007–Feb 2014
Staff Scientist
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory · Advanced Light Source Facility
United States · Berkeley

Selected Publications
1.In Situ Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Lithium-Oxygen Redox Reactions, Nature Scientific Report, 2, 715 (2012) Co-corresponding author.
2.In Situ Oxidation Study of Pt(110) and Its Interaction with CO Journal of the American Chemical Society 133, 20319 (2011) Co-corresponding author.
3.New ambient pressure photoemission endstation at Advanced Light Source beamline 9.3.2, Review of Scientific Instruments, 81, 053106 (2010). Corresponding author
4.Measuring fundamental properties in operating solid oxide electrochemical cells by using in situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Nature Materials, 9, 944 (2010).
5.Origin of the Monochromatic Photoemission Peak in Diamondoid Monolayers, Nano Letters, 9, 57 (2009). Corresponding author