Yanfeng Guo


Yanfeng Guo    Assistant Professor、PI
InstituteSchool of Physical Science and Technology
Research AreaNew Quantum Materials
Contact Info.guoyf@@shanghaitech.edu.cn

July 2015-present Assistant Professor、PI,
School of Physical Science and Technology, Shanghai Tech University
Sept. 2012-June 2015 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Sept. 2008-Sept. 2012 Postdoctoral Research Associate
National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
Sept. 2003-July 2008 Ph.D candidate for Condensed Matter Physics
Institute of Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Research Interests
1. New quantum materials exploration, including unconventional superconductors, magnetic and topological materials. 
2. Understating the exotic properties of the new quantum materials via investigating the crystal, magnetic and electronic structures.

Selected Publications

1.A. J. Princep, H. L. Feng, Y. F. Guo*, H. M. Weng, P. Manuel, D. Khalyavin, A. Senyshyn, M. Rahn, Y. H. Yuan, M. Nagao, Y. Matsushita, K. Yamaura, A. T. Boothroyd*. Magnetically-driven loss of inversion symmetry in a metallic oxidesubmitted

2. M. C. Rahn, A. J. Princep, A. Piovano, J. Kulda, Y. F. Guo, Y. G. Shi, and A. T. Boothroyd. Spin dynamics in the antiferromagnetic phases of the Dirac metals AMnBi2 (A=Sr, Ca)Physical Review B 95(13): 134405. (2017).

3. N. R. Davies, R. D. Johnson, A. J. Princep, L. A. Gannon, J.-Z. Ma, T. Qian, P. Richard, H. Li, M. Shi, H. Nowell, P. J. Baker, Y. G. Shi, H. Ding, J. L. Luo, Y. F. Guo*, and A. T. Boothroyd*. Coupled commensurate lattice distortion in Na2Ti2Pn2O (Pn= As, Sb) determined by X-ray diffraction and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopyPhysical Review B 94(10): 104515-1-9. (2016). 

4.W. Yi, A. J. Princep Y. F. Guo*, R. D. Johnson, P. Manuel, A. Shenshyn, Igor A. Presniakov, Alexey V. Sobolev, Y. Matsushita, A. A. Belik*, A. T. Boothroyd. Sc2NiMnO6: a double-perovskite with a magnetodielectric response driven by multiple magnetic ordersInorganic Chemistry 54(16): 8012-8021. (2015). 

5. Y. F. Guo, A. J. Princep, X. Zhang, P. Manuel, D. Khalyavin, I. I. Mazin, Y. G. Shi. A. T. Boothroyd. Coupling of magnetic order to planar Bi electrons in the anisotropic Dirac metals AMnBi2(A= Ca, Sr)Physical Review B 90(7): 075120-1-8. (2014). 

6.Y. G. Shi#, Y. F. Guo# (#equal contribution), X. Wang, A. J. Princep, D. Khalyavin, P. Manuel, Y. Michiue, A. Sato, K. Tsuda, S. Yu, M. Arai, Y. Shirako, M. Akaogi, N. L. Wang, K. Yamaura, A. T. Boothroyd. A ferroelectric-like structural transition in a metalNature Materials 12(11): 1024-1027. (2013). 

7.Y. G. Shi#, Y. F. Guo*#, Y. Shirako, W. Yi, X. Wang, A. A. Belik, Y. Matsushita, H. L. Feng, Y. Tsujimoto, M. Arai, N. L. Wang, M. Akaogi, K. Yamaura*. High-pressure synthesis of 5d cubic perovskite BaOsO3 at 17 GPa: ferromagnetic evolution over 3d to 5d seriesJournal of the American Chemical Society 135(44): 16507-16516. (2013). 

8.X. Wang, Y. F. Guo*, Y. G. Shi, A. A. Belik, Y. Tsujimoto, W. Yi, Y. Sun, Y. Shirako, M. Arai, M. Akaogi, Y. Matsushita, K. Yamaura*. High-pressure synthesis, crystal structure, and electromagnetic properties of CdRh2O4: an analogous oxide of the postspinel mineral MgAl2O4Inorganic Chemistry 51(12): 6868-6875. (2012). 

9. Y. F. Guo*, X. Wang, J. Li, Y. Sun, Y. Tsujimoto, A. A. Belik, Y. Matsushita, K. Yamaura*, E. Takayama-Muromachi. Continuous Tc enhancement with gradual hydrogen doping in LaFeAsO0.85Hx (x=0-0.85)Physical Review B 86(5): 054523-1-9. (2012). 

10. Y. F. Guo*, Y. G. Shi. S. Yu, A. A. Belik, Y. Matsushita, M. Tanaka, Y. Kutsuya, I. Nowik, I. Felner, V. P. S. Awana, K. Yamaura, E. Takayama-Muromachi. Large decrease in the critical temperature of superconducting LaFeAsO0.85 compounds doped with 3% atomic weight of nonmagnetic Zn impuritiesPhysical Review B 82(5): 054506-1-7. (2010). 

11. Y. F. Guo*, X. Guo, M. Lei, L. M. Chen, W. H. Tang*, P. G. Li, X. L. Fu, L. H. Li. Doping tuned rectifying properties in La2-xSrxCuO4/Nb:SrTiO3 heterojunctions. Applied Physical Letters 94(14): 143506-1-3. 2009.

Research ID: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/C-5704-2012