郭艳峰 Yanfeng Guo课题组介绍

Principle Investigator

PI: Yanfeng Guo (郭艳峰),

Tenure-tracking assistant professor

通信地址: 上海市浦东新区华夏中路393号

Address: 393 Middle Huaxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201210

Email: guoyf@@shanghaitech.edu.cn

Education and Career

09/2003 - 07/2008,中国科学院物理研究所硕博连读

PhD in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

09/2008 - 09/2012,日本物质材料研究所博士后

Postdoc in National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

09/2012 - 06/2015,牛津大学物理系博士后

Postdoc in Department of Physics, University of Oxford

07/2015 - 至今,      上科大助理教授、研究员、博导

Assistant professor at ShanghaiTech Univ.

Research Interest


(1) 新量子材料探索利用常压及高压手段探索新量子材料,特别是常规超导、新颖磁性及拓扑材料

New quantum materials exploration by using ambient- and high-pressure techniques, especially unconventional superconductors, novel magnetism and topological phases.

(2) 单晶生长高品质、大尺寸量子材料晶体生长

Sizable and high-quality crystal growth of various quantum materials

(3) 物理性质研究晶体结构、磁结构及电子结构角度理解新量子材料丰富物理性质产生机制。

Study on the mechanisms underlying the extoic physical properties of quantum materials in terms of crystal structure, magnetic structure and electronic structure.






  1. 长期招收对本研究方向有浓厚兴趣的物理、材料物理专业本科生攻读研究生学位,~ 1-2 名/年。

  2. 欢迎物理及材料物理专业本科生加入从事研究工作。

Group News

  • On Oct. 12, our work on Nb2SiTe4, collaborated with Prof. Zhongkai Liu's group, was accepted by ACS Nano (2021, 15: 15850). 

  • June 2021, Hao Su (苏豪) and Shuchun Huan (宦述春) sucessfully defended their PhD thesis. Congratulations!

  • On May 27, our work on the spin liquid material NbYbSewas published in Physical Review X (2021, 11: 021044).

    Congratulaions to Gaoning (张高宁)!

    See the news herehttps://spst.shanghaitech.edu.cn/2021/0507/c2089a63513/page.htm

  • Our work "Bulk Fermi surface of the layered superconductor TaSe3 with three-dimensional strong topologicalstate" published in Physical Review B (2020, 101: 155117) unveiled the bulk nontrivial topological states and topological surface states in the quasi-one-dimensional layered superconductor TaSe3 by using magnetotransport measurements and first principle calculations, which was recently demonstrated by our collaborators.

    See the news here: 


  • Sept. 2020. Welcome our new group members Zhongyang (栗中杨), Zicheng (陶咨成), and Chenxin (范晨鑫) !

  • August 2020, Congratulations to Gaoning (张高宁) for sucessfully defending his master thesis

  • June 2020, Congratulaions to Wenna for her accomplishment of two years postdoc career in our group!

  • Our work which reported the pressure effects on the topological nodal-line semimetal SrAs3collaborated with Prof. Shiyan Li's group, was published in npj Quantum Materials (2020, 5: 38). Congratulations to Wei Xia (夏威)!

  • Our work which discovered a new three-dimensional Dirac semimetal TiSb2 was published in Applied Physics Letter (2020, 116: 142103) as a front cover strory. Congratulations to Wei Xia (夏威)!

  • Our paper "Magnetic exchange induced Weyl state in a semimetal EuCd2Sb2" was published in APL Materials (2020, 8: 011109) as an Editor's pick. Congratulations to Hao Su (苏豪)!

  • Our paper "Direct observation of six-fold exotic fermions in topological semimetal PdSb2", collaborated with Prof. Dawei Shen's group, was published in Physical Review B (2020, 101: 155114) as an Editor's suggestion. Congratulations to Xiaolei(刘晓磊)!



(#Co-first; *Corresponding/co-corresponding)

Full publication list: Web of Science Researcher ID: U-6086-2019


1. Magnetization tunable Weyl states in EuB6,

Hao SuXianbiao ShiJian YuanXin ZhangXia WangNa YuZhiqiang ZouWeiwei ZhaoJianpeng Liu*Yanfeng Guo*, arXiv: 2109.12823.

2. Weak antilocalization effect up to ~ 120 K in the van der Waals crystal Fe5-xGeTe2 with near room temperature ferromagnetism,

Zhengxian Li, Kui Huang, Deping Guo, Guodong Ma, Xiaolei Liu, Yueshen Wu, Jian Yuan, Zicheng Tao, Binbin Wang, Xia Wang, Zhiqiang Zou, Na Yu, Geliang Yu, Jiamin Xue, Jun Li*, Zhongkai Liu*, Wei Ji*, Yanfeng Guo*. arXiv: 2109. 02085.

3. Nodal superconductivity and superconducting dome in the topological Kagome metal CsV3Sb5,

C. C. Zhao#, L. S. Wang#, W. Xia#Q. W. Yin#, J. M. Ni, Y. Y. Huang, C. P. Tu, Z. C. Tao, Z. J. Tu, C. S. Gong, H. C. Lei*,  Y. F. Guo*, X. F. Yang*, S. Y. Li*, arXiv: 2102.08356.

4. Double-dome superconductivity under pressure in the V-based Kagome metals AV3Sb5 (A = Rb and K),

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5. Emergence of new van Hove singularities in the charge density wave state of a topological kagom metal RbV3Sb5,

Soohyun Cho#, Haiyang Ma#, Wei Xia#, Yichen Yang, Zhentai Liu, Zhe Huang, Zhicheng Jiang, Xiangle Lu, Jishan Liu, Zhonghao Liu, Jinfeng Jia, Yanfeng Guo*, Jianpeng Liu*,  and D. W. Shen*. arXiv: 105.05117.

6. Competing superconductivity and charge-density wave in kagome metal CsV3Sb5: evidence from their evolustions with sample thickness,

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7. Magneto-Seebeck effect and ambipolar Nernst effect in CsV3Sb5 superconductor,

Yuhan Gan#Wei Xia#Long ZhangKunya YangXinrun MiAifeng WangYisheng ChaiYanfeng Guo*Xiaoyuan Zhou*, Mingquan He*. arXiv: 2110.00289.

8. Dual topological superconducting states in the layered tatanium-based oxypnictidesuperconductor BaTi2Sb2O,

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9. Spontaneous ferromagnetism induced topological phase transition in EuB6,

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10. Observation of an unusual colossal magnetoresistance effect in an antiferromagnetic semiconductor,

Huali Yang, Qing Liu, Zhaoliang Liao, Liang Si, Peiheng Jiang, Xiaolei LiuYanfeng Guo, Junjie Yin, Meng Wang, Zhigao Sheng, Yuxin Zhao, Zhiming Wang, Zhicheng Zhong, Runwei Li. arXiv: 2103.02818.

11.  Robust structure symmetry and electronic band structure of the chiral topological semimetal CoSi against pressure up to ~ 39 GPa,

Shuchun Huan, Mingtao Li, Guangtao Liu, Zhenhai Yu*, Hongyuan Wang, Xiaolei Liu, Xia Wang, Na Yu, Zhiqiang Zou, Jinggeng Zhao, Lin Wang*, and Yanfeng Guo*.

12. Tunable ferroelectricity in hBN intercalated twisted double-layer graphene,

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13. Large magnetoresistance and unexpected low thermal conductivity in topological semi-metal CrP4 single crystal,

Wei Wu, Zhenhai Yu, Meng Xu, Xiaolei Liu, Jinggeng Zhao, Ziyi Liu, Wei Xia, Zhongyang Li, Chunyin Zhou, Jiajia Feng, Ming Xu, Yanfeng Guo, Jianlin Luo.

Published & Accepted:


1. Optical manipulation of electronic dimentionality in a quantum material,

Shaofeng Duan#, Yun Cheng#, Wei Xia, Yuanyuan Yang, Chengyang Xu, Fengfeng Qi, Chaozhi Huang, Tianwei Tang, Yanfeng Guo, Weidong Luo, Dong Qian, Dao Xiang*, Jie Zhang,  Wentao Zhang*, 

Nature 2021, 595: 239-244.

2. Magnetism-induced topological transition in EuAs3,

Erjian Cheng#, Wei Xia#,  Xianbiao Shi#, Hongwei Fang#, Chengwei Wang, Chuanying Xi, Shaowen Xu, Darren C. Peets, Linshu Wang, Hao Su, Li Pi, Wei Ren, Xia Wang, Na Yu, Yulin Chen, Weiwei Zhao, Zhongkai Liu*, Yanfeng Guo*, Shiyan Li*, 

Nature Communications 2021, in press. arXiv: 2006.16045. 

3. Multiple magnetic topological phases in bulk van der Waals crystal MnSb4Te7,

Shunchun Huan#, Shihao Zhang#, Zhicheng Jiang#, Hao Su, Hongyuan Wang, Xin Zhang, Yichen Yang, Zhengtai Liu,  Xia Wang, Na Yu, Zhiqiang Zou, Dawei Shen*, Jianpeng Liu*, Yanfeng Guo*, 

Physical Review Letters 2021, 126: 246601. Editor's Suggestion

4. Multiband superconductivity with spin-preserving order parameter in kagome superconductor CsV3Sb5

Han-Shu Xu,  Ya-Jun Yan, Ruotong Yin, Wei Xia, Shijie Fang, Ziyuan Chen, Yuanji Li, Wenqi Yang, Yanfeng Guo, Dong-Lai Feng,

Physical Review Letters 2021, in press.

5. Spinon Fermi surface spin liquid in a triangular lattice antiferromagnet NaYbSe2

Peng-Ling Dai#, Gaoning Zhang#, Yaofeng XieChunruo DuanYonghao GaoZihao ZhuErxi Feng, Zhen Tao, Chien-Lung HuangHuibo CaoAndrey PodlesnyakGarrett E. GranrothDavid VoneshenShun WangGuotai TanEmilia MorosanXia Wang, Hai-Qing Lin, Lei ShuGang Chen*, Yanfeng Guo*, Xingye Lu*, Pengcheng Dai*,  

Physical Review X 2021, 11: 021044.

6. One-dimensional metal embeded in two-dimensional semiconductor in Nb2Si1-xTe4,

Binbin Wang#, Wei Xia#, Si Li, Kang Wang, Shengyuan A. Yang, Yanfeng Guo*, Jiamin Xue*, 

ACS Nano 2021, 15(4): 7149-7154.

7. Direct Visualization and Manipulation of Tunable Quantum Well State in Semiconducting Nb2SiTe4, 

Jing Zhang, Zhilong Yang, Shuai Liu, Wei Xia, Tongshuai Zhu, Chengwei Wang, Weixiao Wang, Sung-Kwan Mo, Lexian Yang, Xufeng Kou, Yanfeng Guo*, Haijun Zhang*, Zhongkai Liu*, Yulin Chen*,

ACS Nano 2021, 15(10): 15850-15857.

8. Magnetism induced ideal Weyl state in bulk van der Waals crystal MnSb2Te4

Shuchun Huan#, Dinghui Wang#, Hao Su, Hongyuan Wang, Xia Wang, Na Yu, Zhiqiang Zou, Haijun Zhang*, Yanfeng Guo*, 

Applied Physics Letters 2021, 118: 192105. 

9. Multiple Weyl fermions in the noncentrosymmetric semimetal LaAlSi, 

Hao Su, Xianbiao Shi, Jian Yuan, Yimin Wan, Erjian Cheng, Chuanying Xi, Li, Pi, Xia Wang, Zhiqiang Zou, Na Yu, Weiwei Zhao*, Shiyan Li*, Yanfeng Guo*, 

Physical Review B 2021, 103: 165128. 

10. Observation of the topological Dirac fermions and surface states in superconducting BaSn3,

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Physical Review B 2021, 103: 155148.

11. Measurement of electronic structure and surface reconstruction in the superionic Cu2-xTe,

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12. Evidence of topological edge state in a superconducting non-symmorphic nodal line semimetal,

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Physical Review B 2021, 103: L201109. Letter

13. Electronic structure of layered antiferromagnetic AlMn2B2 with high Néel temperature, 

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14. Layer-locked spin states revealed in centrosymmetric line-node semimetal HfSiS

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15. Magnetic structute of the topological semimetal YbMnSb2,

Jian-Rui Soh, Siobhan M. Tobin, Hao Su, Ivica Zivkovic, Bachir Ouladdiaf, Anne Stunault, J. Alberto Rodriguez-Velamazan, Ketty Beauvois, Yanfeng Guo, and Andrew T. Boothroyd.

Physical Review B 2021, 104: L161103. Letter & Editor's suggestion

16. Topological quasi-2D semimetal Co3Sn2S2: Insights to electronic structure from NXAFS and resonant photoelectron spectrocopy,

Mouhui Yan, Yichen Jin, Xiaofei Hou, Yanfeng Guo, Arshak Tsaturyan, Anna Makarova, Dimitry Smirnov, Yuriy Dedkov, Elena Voloshina, 

The Journal of  Physical Chemistry Letters, 2021, 12: 9807-9811.

17. Magnetotransport evidence for the nontrivial topological states in the fully spin-polarized Kondo semimetal CeBi, 

Shuchun Huan, Xianbiao Shi, Lixuesong Han, Hao Su, Xia Wang, Zhiqiang Zou, Na Yu, Weiwei Zhao, Leiming Chen*, Yanfeng Guo*, 

Journal of Alloys and Coumpounds 2021, 875: 159993.

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Physica Status Solidi (b) 2021, 2000544.

20. Measurement of superconductivity and topological edge states in a topological superconductor candidate TaSe3,

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Chinese Physics Letters 2021, 38: 107403. Editor's Suggestion

22. Observation of large in-plane anisotropic transport in van der Waals semiconductor Nb2SiTe4,

Kaiyou Zhou, Jun Deng, Long Chen, Wei XiaYanfeng Guo, Yang Yang, Jiangang Guo, Liwei Guo, 

Chinese Physics B 2021, 30: 087202.

23. Study on the properties of Ca9Co12O28 under high pressure,

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Ceramics International, in press.

24. Magnetic exchange induced Weyl states in the antiferromagnetic semimetals EuCd2Pn2 (Pn = As, Sb), 

Hao Su, Leiming Chen*, Wei Xia, Yanfeng Guo*, 

Progress in Physics 2021, 41(3): 137-157.  Invited Review


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