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1. Barden, B. A.; Culcu, G.; Krogman, J. P.; Bezpalko, M. W.; Hatzis, G. P.; Dickie, D. A.; Foxman, B. M.; Thomas, C. M.*, Assessing the Metal-Metal Interactions in a Series of Heterobimetallic Nb/M Complexes (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) and Their Effect on Multielectron Redox Properties. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2019, 58, 821-833.

2. Bi, Q.; Huang, X.; Yin, G.; Chen, T.; Du, X.; Cai, J.; Xu, J.; Liu, Z.*; Han, Y.*; Huang, F.*, Cooperative Catalysis of Nickel and Nickel Oxide for Efficient Reduction of CO2 to CH4CHEMCATCHEM 2019, 11, 1295-1302.

3. Chen, Y.#; Shi, Z.-L.#; Wei, L.#; Zhou, B.; Tan, J.; Zhou, H.-L.*; Zhang, Y.-B.*, Guest-Dependent Dynamics in a 3D Covalent Organic Framework. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2019, 141, 3298-3303.

4. Dong, J.#; Zhang, F.-Q.#; Yang, Y.; Zhang, Y.-B.; He, H.; Huang, X.; Fan, X.*; Zhang, X.-M.*, (003)-Facet-exposed Ni3S2 nanoporous thin films on nickel foil for efficient water splitting. APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL 2019, 243, 693-702.

5. He, P.; Zhou, J.; Tang, H.; Yang, S.; Liu, Z.*; Xie, X.; Ding, G.*, Electrochemically modified graphite for fast preparation of large-sized graphene oxide. JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 2019, 542, 387-391.

6. He, S.; Wang, H.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, S.; Yu, Y.; Lee, Y.; Li, T.*, A generalizable method for the construction of MOF@polymer functional composites through surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization. CHEMICAL SCIENCE 2019, 10, 1816-1822.

7. Huang, J.#; Liu, S.#; Zhang, C.#; Wang, X.; Pu, J.; Ba, F.; Xue, S.; Ye, H.; Zhao, T.; Li, K.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Wang, L.; Fan, C.; Lu, T. K.; Zhong, C.*, Programmable and printable Bacillus subtilis biofilms as engineered living materials. NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2019, 15, 34-41.

8. Ji, N.; Chen, Y.; Li, Z.; Wang, J.; Duan, X.; Jiang, H.*, Characterization of LuGdVO3 mixed crystal prepared by one new method. RESULTS IN PHYSICS 2019, 12, 335-338.

9. Li, R.; Xia, W.; Guo, Y.; Xue, J.*, Systematic investigation of electrical contact barriers between different electrode metals and layered GeSe. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2019, 114.

10. Li, Y.; Dong, J.; Xie, Q.; Xu, J.; Liu, H.; Li, W.; Wang, X.; Mu, B.*; Wang, Z.; Chen, F.; Ren, K.; Zhang, X.; Pu, Y.; Liu, S.; Wang, F.; Jiang, S.; Ding, Y., Development of a polar-view Kirkpatrick-Baez X-ray microscope for implosion asymmetry studies. OPTICS EXPRESS 2019, 27, 8348-8360.

11. Li, Z.; Zhu, P.; Chen, Y.; Ji, N.; Liu, J.; Duan, X.*; Jiang, H.*, Single crystal structure and optical properties of nonlinear optical crystal Rb0.94Ti0.94Ta0.06OPO4CRYSTENGCOMM 2019, 21, 1570-1578.

12. Liao, W.-B.; Zhang, H.; Liu, Z.-Y.; Li, P.-F.; Huang, J.-J.; Yu, C.-Y.*; Lu, Y., High Strength and Deformation Mechanisms of Al0.3CoCrFeNi High-Entropy Alloy Thin Films Fabricated by Magnetron Sputtering. ENTROPY 2019, 21, 146.

13. Liu, Q.#; Song, Y.#; Ma, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Cong, H.; Wang, C.; Wu, J.; Hu, G.; O'Keeffe, M.; Deng, H.*, Mesoporous Cages in Chemically Robust MOFs Created by a Large Number of Vertices with Reduced Connectivity. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2019, 141, 488-496.

14. Liu, W.-Q.#; Zhang, L.#; Chen, M.#; Li, J.*, Cell-free protein synthesis: Recent advances in bacterial extract sources and expanded applications. BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2019, 141, 182-189.

15. Liu, Y.; Diercks, C. S.; Ma, Y.; Lyu, H.; Zhu, C.; Alshmimri, S. A.; Alshihri, S.; Yaghi, O. M.*, 3D Covalent Organic Frameworks of Interlocking 1D Square Ribbons. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2019, 141, 677-683.

16. Ma, B.; Liu, F.; Li, Z.; Duan, J.; Kong, Y.; Hao, M.; Ge, S.*; Jiang, H.*; Liu, H.*, Piezoelectric nylon-11 nanoparticles with ultrasound assistance for high-efficiency promotion of stem cell osteogenic differentiation. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B 2019, 7, 1847-1854.

17. Pudleiner, P.*; Thunstrom, P.; Valli, A.; Kauch, A.; Li, G.; Held, K., Parquet approximation for molecules: Spectrum and optical conductivity of the Pariser-Parr-Pople model. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2019, 99, 125111.

18. Qin, T.; Qian, Y.; Zhang, F.; Lin, B.-L.*, Cloride-derived copper electrode for efficient electrochemical reduction of CO2 to ethylene. CHINESE CHEMICAL LETTERS 2019, 30, 314-318.

19. Qiu, H.*; Oliver, A. M.; Gwyther, J.; Cai, J.; Harniman, R. L.; Hayward, D. W.; Manners, I.*, Uniform Toroidal Micelles via the Solution Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer-Homopolymer Blends Using a 'Frustrated Crystallization' Approach. MACROMOLECULES 2019, 52, 113-120.

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22. Turner, C. L.; Zujovic, Z.; Koumoulis, D.*; Taylor, R. E.*; Kaner, R. B., Microscopic investigation of local structural and electronic properties of tungsten tetraboride: a superhard metallic material. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE 2019, 54, 3547-3557.

23. Wan-Ying, Z.; Zhi-Liang, K.; Zuan-Ming, J.*; Wei-Min, L.*; Xian, L.; Ye, D.; Xiao-Na, Y.; Guo-Hong, M.*; Jian-Quan, Y., Photoinduced charge carrier dynamics and spectral band filling in organometal halide perovskites. ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 2019, 68, 018401.

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25. Wang, H.; Zhang, X.; Wu, Q.; Cao, F.; Yang, D.; Shang, Y.; Ning, Z.; Zhang, W.; Zheng, W.; Yan, Y.; Kershaw, S. V.; Zhang, L.; Rogach, A. L.*; Yang, X.*, Trifluoroacetate induced small-grained CsPbBr3 perovskite films result in efficient and stable light-emitting devices. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2019, 10, 665.

26. Wang, J.; He, H.; Wang, M.; Xiao, Z.; Chen, Y.; Wang, Y.; Song, J.; Li, X.-M.; Zhang, Y.; He, T.*, 3-[[3-(Triethoxysilyl)-propyl] amino] propane-1-sulfonic acid zwitterion grafted polyvinylidene fluoride antifouling membranes for concentrating greywater in direct contact membrane distillation. DESALINATION 2019, 455, 71-78.

27. Wang, Y.; Lu, Y.; Gong, J.*; Yao, Y.*, Electrospun nanofiber regulates assembly of keratin and vimentin intermediate filaments of PANC-1 pancreatic carcinoma cells. MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS 2019, 96, 616-624.

28. Wei, Q.; Ning, Z.*, Emerging highly emissive and stable white emitting 'phosphores' based on lead-free inorganic halide perovskites. SCIENCE CHINA-CHEMISTRY 2019, 62, 287-288.

29. Xu, D.; Lv, H.; Jin, H.; Liu, Y.; Ma, Y.; Han, M.; Bao, J.*; Liu, B.*, Crystalline Facet-Directed Generation Engineering of Ultrathin Platinum Nanodendrites. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2019, 10, 663-671.

30. Yang, Y.; Wen-Jie, Z.; Wan-Ying, Z.; Xian, L.; Zuan-Ming, J.; Wei-Min, L.; Guo-Hong, M.*, Dynamics of A-exciton and spin relaxation in WS2 and WSe2 monolayer. ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 2019, 68, 017201.

31. Zhao, D.#; Chen, Z.#; Yang, W.#; Liu, S.; Zhang, X.; Yu, Y.; Cheong, W.-C.; Zheng, L.; Ren, F.; Ying, G.; Cao, X.; Wang, D.; Peng, Q.; Wang, G.; Chen, C.*, MXene (Ti3C2) Vacancy-Confined Single-Atom Catalyst for Efficient Functionalization of CO2JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2019, 141, 4086-4093.

32. Zhao, F.-G.*; Pan, B.; Kong, Y.-T.; Dong, L.; Hu, C.-M.; Sang, Y.-J.; Zhou, X.; Zuo, B.; Dong, X.; Li, B.; Li, W.-S.*, Nonmainstream Out-Plane Fluoro- and Amino-Cofunctionalized Graphene for a Striking Electrocatalyst: Programming Substitutive/Reductive Defluorination toward Graphite Fluoride. ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES 2019, 6, 1801699.

33. Zheng, K.; Ling, S.*, De Novo Design of Recombinant Spider Silk Proteins for Material Applications. BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 2019, 14, 1700753.

 34. Zhou, W.; Zheng, L.*; Cheng, X.; Zhou, W.; Ye, P.; Shen, L.; Zhang, D.; Gu, Z.; Yu, Y., Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of SiO2 for channel isolation of colloidal quantum dots phototransistors. SUPERLATTICES AND MICROSTRUCTURES 2019, 125, 281-286.