Welcome to Quantum gravity and Cosmology 2023


Welcome to Quantum gravity and Cosmology 2023!

April 17-21, 2023


We expect around 40 prominent and renowned scientists in the field from
around the globe to deliver talks during the event.

The conference is jointly organized by
     Alexey Koshelev (ShanghaiTech University and University of Beira
Interior), chair,
     Sravan Kumar (Tokyo Institute of Technology and ICG, Portsmouth),
     Antonino Marciano (Fudan University and INFN) and
     Anna Tokareva (Imperial College London)

The aim of the conference “Quantum Gravity and Cosmology 2023″ is to provide a stimulating occasion for discussion on the current understanding of Quantum Gravity from very small to very large scales.
To properly address this delicate topic, several points of view and approaches will be presented, and both theoretical and phenomenological aspects will be discussed. Particular emphasis will be given to the fundamental role of Quantum Gravity in Cosmology.

Different schools of thought will be brought together so as to let everyone benefit from fruitful debates and possibly develop novel insights. In addition to individual talks, discussion sessions will be held to help the conference become more prolific and to give rise to constructiveinteractions.